Thousands of books and mystical teachings are dedicated to the elevation of consciousness. Certainly there is more to the elevation of consciousness than “3 simple steps.”

And to be fair, those 3 steps outlined below are easier said than embodied. Elevating our consciousness is our birthright. I am breaking it down into 3 steps that I see as core to living life from a high vibratory standpoint:

1. Live life from the center,

2. Keep an open heart, and

3. Drop your efforts.

How easy is that? We can do this!

1. Live Life from The Center

When we live life from our center, we are not steeped in the reactivity of our heigthened emotions. Anger, frustration, envy, greed might arise in us but they no longer overcome us. We certainly are longer acting out our defense mechanisms that arise when those emotions get triggered. We also do not make decisions from that place of reactivity.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with feelings these feelings. In fact, not feelings them (repressing them or denying they exist) is not healthy. Feelings come and go. Living life from a place of centeredness, of inner calm is a building block of consciousness elevation.

It is easier said than done, of course. Our defense mechanism are ingrained in us. Feelings trapped in us long ago lay dormant under the surface while our defensive parts overreact. Feelings all our feelings and bringing compassion and awareness to all our parts is essential to reclaiming our centeredness and this deep sense of joyous calm that is accessible to us at all times.

When you step out of your own way and allow things to happen without going into the reactive mode, you reside at the center of the circle.

When things seem to be in discord, return to your center.

2. Keeping an Open Heart at all Times

Yes, keeping an open heart at all times means committing to remaining open and not closing down when others bring us down, when others suck out our energy or when they lash out at us.

You are to remain open-hearted in the face of emotional pain. Feel the pain and let it go once it has passed. Everything is impermanent. Feelings once fully felt do dissipate.

But what if your trigger is recurring and and you are a stuck in a vicious cycle of heart opening and heart closing. Living life with an open heart is one thing but remaining stuck in cycles of pain is another. The choice is yours to remove yourself from the situation. Do not remain entangled in relationships that single-handedly cause you pain.

That said, the pain you feel is rarely caused by what who or what you’d assume is causing it. There is a great chance your sensitivity is due to an old wound. If the issue has deep roots within you, it will reoccur unless and until you shed lights on it, with curiosity and compassion.

Inquire why this pattern reoccurs and explore what might have picked your sensitivity to this in the first place. Awareness is the great sanitizer. Once we understand why we do what we do, the intensity of our emotions decreases. Our presence and compassion toward our wounded parts and our defensive parts help us heal our reactive patterns and regain an open heartedness that is our birthright.

3. Dropping our Efforts

Efforts are great at making us do things but they do not help at changing us. You can make yourself seat at the table, you cannot make yourself feel hunger.

When we stop thriving, when we stop living on the edge, when we stop wanting more, we create spaciousness. In that beingness,we let nature guide the way. The infinite intelligence of the universe speaks to us, and through us, when we let our highest joy radiate.

There is an inner motor within us that needs no efforts to accomplish what Nature in its infinite intelligence has placed in our heart: what is play to us and might feel like work to anyone else.

This highest joy embodied might as well be called embodying infinity, or radiating our spiritual light into the physical plane.

This is how you elevate your consciousness in 3 simple steps.

1. Live life from the center,

2. Keep an open heart, and

3. Drop your efforts.

Do or do not. There is no try.


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