In-Person Energy Healing

What to Expect during an Energy Healing Session?

For energy healing in-person, you will be lying face up on a massage table (unless this position is uncomfortable for you). The energy healer goes through the energy channels throughout your body by putting his hands around and on your body with light touches.

Before the session starts, Shalom will ask you a few questions related to your intention for the session and know more about what areas to focus on. You will be resting on the massage table for an hour or so. Please dress comfortably.

Get Comfortable & Relax

During the energy healing session, get comfortable, relax and breathe deeply.

Energy healing bear some similarities with deep meditation. You might feel waves of energy running through your body or sensation of floating, see colors or other visuals similar to what one might see in a dream-like state, feel tingling sensations, and/or experience warming or cooling sensations.

During an energy healing session in-person, you might gain some precious insights about a past or present situation or feel emotions that are ready to be released.

It can be a very powerful experience if you allow it. It is a very simple and gentle process. There is nothing to expect. You simply have to let go and surrender to the experience, while the energy flows through you and recalibrate your energy centers.

The energy healing (Reiki, SNR or other modality) itself should take approximately one hour unless you are doing an in-depth session. After the energy work, some time is set aside to go over what came up for you during the session. This is an opportunity to process and integrate the experience while you gently return back to your body.

Physical touch is by no means necessary to benefit from energy healing. Healing energy can be received just as effectively from a distance in the course of a phone session or even in the same room, from a distance.

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