Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is the Healing Tradition related to Kundalini Yoga

Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) is an energy healing modality related to the Kundalini yoga lineage. Traditionally, It was passed on in complete silence from guru to student.

Sat Nam Rasayan means “healing in the name of the Divine” or “deep relaxation in the name of the Divine.”

Sat Nam Rasayan is a potent healing technique that allows the practitioner to sense the client’s body, mind and spirit and make adjustments toward balance and alignment. In this specific meditative state, healing occurs.

SNR is a Relational Healing Technique

The Sat Nam Rasayan practitioners works within a self-contained system. We live within physical bodies and we experience reality via our senses.

What we know, we know it because we sense it. It is within the bound of our sensitive space that we can relate to another.

Sat Nam Rasayan practitioners recalibrate the systems of their clients. They do so by sensing the unbalance within the physical, mental and spiritual parts of their clients and bringing those parts back into harmony with the whole of their beings.

Sat Nam Rasayan is truly a holistic healing modality. Healing occurs by bringing harmony to the different parts to the benefit of an harmonized whole.

Similar to Reiki and other energy healing modalities, Sat Nam Rasayan can help:

  • Access deep relaxation

  • Speed healing

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Balance the chakras

  • Reduce pain and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing

  • Deeply connect to your spiritual nature

  • Receive insights and wisdom from your higher-self

  • Identify and change your limited beliefs and subconscious patterns

Sat Nam Rasayan Increases Your Capacity for Containing What Happens

Sat Nam Rasayan is a specific contemplative state. This meditative state increases one’s capacity for containing what happens, for living life with less reactivity and maintaining awareness with more stability.

By diminishing the hold of our reactivity and programming, we experience reality in a neutral state. In this receptive state, healing happens.

With repeated exposure to this meditative state, one become accustomed to this state of being. And gain a greater capacity for seeing reality as it is and a greater capacity for adapting to change.

Just a few sessions can make a positive change to your health. You’ll feel relaxed and shifted as you find your natural state of well-being.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a Spiritual Experience

Spiritual experiences are impossible to convey with words. You have to experience them for yourself. When you do, an indescribable sense of happiness, oneness, or peace overcomes you.

Plant medicine is one way of exploring alternate states of consciousness. Sat Nam Rasayan is another, using consciousness itself as the tool.

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