Blessing food might seem a bit antiquated or weird. But we live in an resonant universe. Our intentions and our words have tremendous power. When we bless our food, we elevate it and bring greater awareness to what we we are doing with a greater perspective.

I watched a Paul Selig interview on Gaia during which the Guides he channels suggest the following blessing prior to eating. I find it very powerful and meaningful.

“What is before me cannot be separate from Source and what is not separate from Source is a blessing to my being. As I am blessed by what I eat, I am aligned to a high octave, a high agreement of the needs of the form I have taken. And the needs of the form I have taken direct me to what I require.”

This blessing for food says it all.

It enunciates the oneness of all that is and how to elevate eating (a physical act) into a spiritual act.

These blessings recognize a truth that the physical world conceals: Nothing is separate from Source. All is divine. All is one.

It also hints at listening to ourselves to determine what is in alignment with our bodies. By paying attention, we know what food agrees with us and which don’t. This is ultimately a personal decision that only you can make in the moment by tuning in to your intuition.

Between all the different diets of the days (the Keto, paleo, carnivore, vegetarian and other fads), it is confusing to know which way to go. There is no replacing trial and error and deciding for yourself which agrees with you. But you can also tap into your intuitive senses as Sadhguru suggests:

“…Hold your hands upon the food for a few moments, just to sense how the food is …

Hand is the first level of knowing the food even prior to tasting it.

Just placing your hands above the food for a moment can tell you what to eat and what not to eat …

This will tell you whether this particular food on this particular day will agree with you or not.”

Watch Sadghuru’s video excerpt:

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